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Surface Cooled Cell Testing

Setting a new standard for Cell Testing

Independent thermally controlled CellPods have been designed to solve the common difficulties that arise in battery testing and have been optimised to make testing more accurate, flexible and safer.



CellPods have superior temperature stability and heat/cool the cell via direct surface contact, which improves your data accuracy, allowing easier cell to cell and cell to pack comparison.


Set each CellPod to its own temperature and control directly via your cycler, meaning no more blocked chambers and maximum efficiency for your test facility. 

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Make your risk assessments easier and your lab safer. CellPods are EUCAR Hazard Level 4 rated for cylindrical cells and Level 7 for coin cells. 

Key Details

  • Base temperature control from -20°C to +70°C, with a temperature setpoint change in less than five minutes​

  • Tool and adhesive-free cell instrumentation and insertion, with 4-wire (Kelvin) connections

  • Low resistance electrical contacts, with 1 mΩ total resistance (typical)

  • Maximum current of 15 A 

  • ​Optional five point cell temperature gradient sensor, removing traditional methods of adhesive bonding additional sensors

  • Optional auxiliary 0-5 V sensor input

For UK & EU enquires contact Alvatek LTD here and for anywhere else contact us

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