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Individual thermal test fixtures

Available to order now

CellPods are the latest technology in battery cell testing

Independent thermally controlled pods, which simulate the conditions experienced in a battery pack better than traditional testing methods.

CellPods have been designed for usability - they’re born out of the common difficulties that arise in battery testing and have been optimised to make testing simpler and faster.

  • Base temperature control from -20℃ to +70°C, with a temperature setpoint change in less than five minutes​

  • Tool and adhesive-free cell instrumentation and insertion, with 4-wire (Kelvin) connections

  • Low resistance electrical contacts, with 1 mΩ total resistance (typical)

  • Maximum current of 15 A (higher values available in 2022)

  • ​Optional five point cell temperature gradient sensor, removing traditional methods of adhesively bonding additional sensors

  • Optional auxiliary 0-5 V sensor input


Demonstrations available now

Contact us for a demo of our new CellPods in our Oxfordshire lab. As part of your visit you will receive a full demonstration of the CellPods and detailed technical specifications. 

For UK enquiries please contact Alvatek on +44 (0)800 566 8228 or

For Non-UK enquiries please contact us on +44 (0)1235 797370 or