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Basytec test system

Battery Testing


Our Testing Provides:

  • High quality test data 

  • Quick results 

  • Minimum fuss


We Can offer you:

  • Advanced testing & automated analysis

  • The ability to test many cells simultaneously

  • Expert test design & service


Our capabilities are built upon:

  • Over 500 test channels and more than 25 thermal chambers

  • Significant experience, with over 1M hours of testing performed to date

  • Excellent battery knowledge and strong academic links

Cell Test Equipment
Team member working with testing equipment
BaSyTec Testing Equipment
Team member working with testing data

Our capabilities


Test Capability

Channel available: ​

  • 28x 5A

  • 192x 12A

  • 240x 30A

  • 48x 40A

  • 10x 80A

  • 8x 5A EIS

Maximum current 400A, via parallel channels


THermal management

Tests perfomed with either: ​

  • CellPods: individual cell thermal management chambers -20 to +70°C

  • Over 25 forced air convection thermal chambers -40 to 180°C

  • Custom built fixtures for bespoke temperature control



Flexible approach to support customer needs:

  • Data provided in raw and processed formats

  • Customised summaries available

  • Parameter calculations for models e.g. DCIR

  • Visualisation & automated reporting

We have the space and power to test hundreds of cells simultaneously

Other specialist test methods are available. 

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any range of testing. 

Case Studies

Innovate UK Funded Advanced Cell Test (ACT)

Cognition and Imperial College London collaborated on this Innovate UK funded project that started in October 2020 (currently at >600,000 hours cycling) and is still gathering data to compare traditional cycling methods with advanced test techniques to predict cell life and the critical rollover point where cell capacity collapses. 

Experimental Chemistry Cell Characterisation

Cognition was asked to undertake a set of characterisation tests over 3 months to generate a dataset that could inform future development by the customer. Cells were an experimental Li-ion chemistry in a 21700 format.

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