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Advanced Cell Testing

Supporting Cell & Pack Development

We are committed to delivering efficient and reliable testing services, ensuring our customers are provided with the knowledge and insights needed to develop innovative and high quality solutions.

Our testing services are designed to meet the large capacity requirements of today's demanding markets.


Testing is done within our labs in forced air convection thermal chambers, ranging from -40 to 180°C.  Cell cycler makes include Basytec, Ivium, Maccor & Neware.


All our equipment is regularly serviced and calibrated to ensure the data we provide you is top quality.

Current Testing capability:

  • 28x 5A channels

  • 192x 12A channels

  • 192x 30A channels

  • 68x 40A channels

  • 48x 50A channels

  • 10x 80A channels

  • 8x 5A EIS channels

  • 80x 200A channels

  • 16x 300A channels

  • 4x 400A channels

Maximum parallel current: 1600A

Battery testing in thermal chamber
Data Scientist working on testing data


All data will be be provided by our data scientist in raw and processed formats as standard, saving you processing time for your project. 

Optional extras are available if required, such as: 

  • Customised summaries

  • Parameter calculations for models e.g. DCIR

  • Visualisation & automated reporting

Data will be supplied in your preferred way (e.g. xx), at times specified by your bespoke project plan (e.g. weekly). 

Bespoke test fixtures

Our in-house engineering team and workshop can rapidly design and fabricate custom cell test fixtures.


Examples include:

  • 4690 cylindrical cell testing up to 200A

  • 1Ah pouch cell testing with and without compression

  • 50Ah pouch & 100Ah prismatic cell testing with compression

  • Pouch cell archimedes principle expansion measurement

Image right: 50Ah pouch cell testing with compression


Why Partner with us


Expert knowledge & independent results for your project


Large capacity for testing, currently with over 600 channels


In-house workshop for your bespoke test fixtures


Direct communication with engineers throughout the project


Reliable process for your project, assuring you on project dates

We understand the importance of providing reliable and trustworthy testing results, and work tirelessly to exceed your expectations.


Get in touch to see how we can help your project thrive

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