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Battery Development

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Lower Your Operating costs

We can give you a up to 75% cost of ownership reduction using our batteries.


increase your Efficiency

Up to four times the life expectancy compared with competitors

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Expand your operations

Our batteries will allow you to expand operations.


Our benefits are made possible by: 

  • Longer lasting battery

  • Fast charge capable

  • Temperature tolerance

  • Designed for manufacturing & recycling


In our packs:

  • The best cell for the application 

  • Advanced thermal management 

  • Sophisticated BMS


Foundations of our work

  • Great engineering

  • Excellent battery knowledge

  • Strong academic links

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Please get in touch if you would like to discuss our battery development

What we put in the pack - no background_

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss our battery development

Case Study: 
FTSE100 Company Development Project

We delivered a prototype battery pack with 4x the life of the existing solution, representing a 75% cost of ownership reduction for the customer. 


Key requirements:


  1. Must operate in cold and temperate conditions

  2. Must be fast charge capable


Figure 1. Comparison of real world test against our modelled scenarios for the battery operating in cold temperatures

  What we did: 

  1. Selected the right cell for the application from a range of 100

  2. Thermally managed the pack and balanced the electrical design 

  3. Used our sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS) to control the pack

  4. Worked with the customer to elegantly integrate the battery into their system

  5. Tested the packs to prove their performance and safety

  6. Designed for manufacture, maintenance and recycling



Project Outcome:  


  1. Total possible life >30,000 cycles / 10 years

  2. Life in cold conditions 10x longer than existing battery, a 90% cost saving

  3. Life in temperate conditions 4x longer, a 75% cost saving

  4. Fast charge capable

  5. Easy to manufacture and recycle

Battery - square.png

Figure 2. Completed battery pack.